WordPress Database Backup Re-release: Version 2.0

With WordPress version 2.1 scheduled to appear later today, I’m releasing a new version of the popular WordPress Database Backup plugin.

Originally developed by Skippy who’s now working on projects other than WordPress, this plugin has been bundled with WordPress installations for about a year. But today users downloading version 2.1 of WordPress will discover that the wp-db-backup.php plugin is no longer included.

That’s too bad for them, because WordPress 2.1 includes a new cron feature that provides a great opportunity to enhance the backup plugin. Specifically, it makes it really easy to schedule regular database backups. After taking over the wp-db-backup.php development a few months ago, I rewrote part of the plugin to support WordPress’s new cron feature, fixed a couple of minor bugs, and released it as version 2.0.

You can get the plugin here.



  1. which directories must be writable for this plugin?

  2. The plugin works great, but not… the scheduling part! What did I miss? The plugin is installed, activated; I already used the manual backup. Then I scheduled one backup per hour, but nothing happens. I went several times on the site, logged and not logged (hoping it would “wake up” the whole stuff), but after one day, no backup went to my mailbox???

  3. Great plugin, thanks for the update :)

  4. Hey man, any chance you’ll be updating to use the new xml export function as the backup medium rather than the .gz? Thanks for maintaining this code!

  5. Patrick,

    It’s an option for the automatic backup that I’m looking into.

  6. Trying to use the plugin but it give me the message: “You are not allowed to perform backups” Any help?

  7. Please place support questions about this plugin in my support forum.

  8. Nice job, I love how simple this is. Thanks for taking the reigns of a great plugin.

  9. Hi

    Thanks for the update, always been a handy plugin into use.

    Is it would it be possible to use the cron tasks to save a scheduled backup to my server ?

    The backup file is over 50 Mbs and a little chuncky for our poor email server !

  10. Hi, can’t find where to contact you, I created hebrew .mo for this plugin, thought you might wanna add it to the list.

    why are there no fields for Once Daily and Once Hourly by the way?

  11. Hello Tzafrir,

    Thank you for the translation files. I have posted them on the wp-db-backup internationalization page.

    The “Once Daily” and “Once Hourly” are built-in WordPress cron times; they are part of the WordPress core 2.1 files, so to translate them you would need to refer to the pages linked to here.

  12. Austin, any way to set a time to do the backup, rather than the time that the options were saved? Not that emailing my backup to me at 9:28a is a bad thing, but I was kinda hoping to do it at 3a. It’s not listed on my crontab output when I SSH into my server. Can that be hard coded or set in the options?

  13. mounty, I think that’s something I’ll need to change for a future version.

    EDIT: Actually, you can hack this change in the plugin pretty easily. Change line 717 in the plugin from
    wp_schedule_event(time() + $interval, $name, 'wp_db_backup_cron');
    wp_schedule_event(strtotime('tomorrow 3:00 AM') + $interval, $name, 'wp_db_backup_cron');

    This plugin uses the WordPress cron, not your server’s crontab. It’s really more for people who don’t have access to the server (unlike you).

  14. I’m closing comments. Please direct all other comments or questions to my support forum for this plugin.

    Or send me an (email) if.website (located at) gmail (dot) com.


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