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New Plugin: WordPress Appearance Date

I created this plugin because I needed a way to show posts earlier than their scheduled publish date. The client wanted posts to be scheduled for March, with everything that entails: March dates, appearing the March archives, etc., except appearing a week earlier. WP Appearance Date lets you set arbitrary dates for your posts to […]

New Plugin: WP Delayed Email

I needed a way to send an email in the future, so I came up with WP Delayed Email. Activate the plugin, and you can call wp_delayed_mail() just like you would wp_mail(), except that you pass a timestamp argument for the time you want the email to be sent.

New WordPress Plugin: Custom Image Sizes

I make a lot of WordPress themes, and frequently clients want to associate a particular size of image with a post. You can do this easily with WordPress by using add_image_size() to define an image and then by calling wp_get_attachment_image() later to print the markup for that image. So for example, if I have an […]

5 Things of Interest to Developers in the New WordPress 2.8

With each major WordPress release, public changes like the new widgets administrative interface usually get all the glory. Here are some new features in WordPress 2.8 that most users won’t even know exist but you will probably care about, if you’re a WordPress developer. Widgets API The new widgets API lets you create widgets by […]

Paged Comments and the SEO Problem: A Solution

The paged comments feature new in WordPress 2.7 is handy for reducing page size, but it introduces the search engine optimization (SEO) problem of putting the same content on different permalinks, as some have pointed out. That’s because the complete post would appear at all of these permalinks: My solution in this […]

WordPress Themes and Vagueness

Recently there’s been a kerfuffle in the WordPress blogosphere over the fact that suddenly removed 200 themes from the Extend repository, in order to make all themes comply with this apparently new stipulation: Themes for sites that support “premium” (non-GPL or compatible) themes will not be approved. Alister Cameron has written a post that’s […]