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New Plugin: WP Delayed Email

I needed a way to send an email in the future, so I came up with WP Delayed Email. Activate the plugin, and you can call wp_delayed_mail() just like you would wp_mail(), except that you pass a timestamp argument for the time you want the email to be sent.

New WordPress Plugin: Custom Image Sizes

I make a lot of WordPress themes, and frequently clients want to associate a particular size of image with a post. You can do this easily with WordPress by using add_image_size() to define an image and then by calling wp_get_attachment_image() later to print the markup for that image. So for example, if I have an […]

WordPress Plugin: GZIP Pages

WordPress 2.5 is being released in less than three weeks. While it has a lot of exciting new features, it is also missing a feature that’s been part of WordPress for a while: the option to compress page content for browsers that support compression. Up to version 2.3.3 of WordPress, you could select this option […]

New WordPress Plugin: Remember Attachment Link Preferences

I wrote this plugin to deal with a common complaint from my clients: when uploading pictures in WordPress and sending them to the editor, one has to repeatedly re-select how the image should appear. In the case of the screenshot below, I checked “Show: Full size” and “Link to: Page.” This can get tedious if […]