Happy Second Blogiversary to Me!

I’ve been somewhat slack in posting recently, partly because I’ve been incredibly busy, partly because I’ve been spending a lot of time at various doctors’ offices recently (I’ll blog more on that soon, I hope), and partly because of the tacit rule of blogging that the longer between posts the more significant you think your next entry should be.

But I can’t let my blogiversary slip by without comment. As I noted last year, most bloggers have quit long before two years’ time. So I’m kinda slow, but I persist to the end. That’s the way I ran a marathon, and that seems to be the way my life works in general. (My wife is a much more frequent blogger.)

Since last year’s anniversary, I’ve about tripled the number of unique visitors, but they still come for the same reasons, the WordPress plugins I develop.

The most significant change this past year was the arrival of my son Sam. I adore the little guy, and I’ve loved being a daddy. No doubt he’ll be precocious, so maybe this time next year he’ll have started his own blog.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Here’s one visitor who doesn’t come for the plugins–I barely know what they are. :) I come for the words and the pictures, esp. those cute ones of Sam. Keep blogging!

  2. What? You mean Sam hasn’t got his own “Lil Filosofo” blog yet?

    What gives?

  3. So, why are you blogging instead of working on philosophy? ;)

  4. Congrats!

    I use your WP Plugin too :-)

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