bbPress Official Launch

I’ve already been using the alpha version of the bbPress forum software for over a year and a half, but tonight the developers released the first official version, with a nice new default theme.

For me its greatest appeal is that it integrates easily with WordPress and has a similar callback architecture.

bbPress Screenshot

Having struggled with customizing a number of other forum applications, I’m happy to see a lightweight, extensible program enter the ring.


  1. I recognized this forum a few days ago. Now I wonder why the new version is out already. Very good. But it would be fantastic if bbPress users could use a url design equal to WordPress. Wouldn`t that be cool? I`d be quite interested. ;-)

  2. Oliver, by url design do you mean permalinks? You can generate the permalinks for bbPress by being logged in, then requesting this page:

    Put the text that shows up in your root .htaccess file.

    Then set $bb->mod_rewrite = true; in your config.php file.

  3. Actually? This sounds very interesting. I`m speechless. Will give it a try with a project that is waiting for it`s forum for years already! ;-)

    The problem with other forums (as well es with galleries) is that it`s quite hard to modify them. Whenever you are ready to go they announce huge (recommended) updates so that you can start again, hopefully without having to change the link structure completely. bbPress looks very smart. I will test it. Thanks.

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