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Boston Turkeys

The Boston Globe has noticed the increasing number of turkeys in the Brookline area. As I mentioned a while back, I’ve seen them a number of times in Brighton and in Newton. Surprisingly, the Globe article says that the Brookline police department sometimes gets a dozen complaints about the birds every day. They are an […]

Boston Marathon 2007

Last year’s marathon saw Robert Cheruiyot set the race’s record time, but this year’s “nor’easter” gusted cold rain on the runners, giving both men and women their slowest winning times in decades.

The MBTA’s Grand Social Experiment

Returning to Boston this week from Christmas travels, we discovered the MBTA, Massachusetts’ public transportation authority, had made two surprise changes. Breaking “a tradition that has been around so long that current T officials do not know exactly how [it] started,” the MBTA has stopped offering free outbound service on its Green T trolleys. Simultaneously–and […]

Pumpkin Festival

Today we went to the annual pumpkin festival held on Boston Common. Sam had a blast, laughing and making passers-by smile and remark at his cuteness. Each year Boston tries to beat the world record for the most jack-o’-lanterns simultaneously lit. When we left they were only a couple of thousand shy of the almost […]

Bad Design On Wheels

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which runs Boston’s subways, commuter rails, and buses, is rolling out new fare collection devices on all of its buses. 356,400 people ride its buses every day, so you’d think that the MBTA would make sure that the new systems are efficient and user-friendly. They’re not. The first two images […]

Today I Was Part of a “Very Isolated, Very Random” Problem

. . . according to a Comcast spokesperson. Our good buddies at IDG News Service report that the failure of a DNS (domain name system) server at Comcast caused problems for some Web surfers in the northeast section of the U.S. today, making several Web sites, including Google, inaccessible. The server failure caused connectivity problems […]