Pumpkin Festival

Today we went to the annual pumpkin festival held on Boston Common. Sam had a blast, laughing and making passers-by smile and remark at his cuteness.

Melita and Sam at the Boston Pumpkin Festival

Each year Boston tries to beat the world record for the most jack-o’-lanterns simultaneously lit. When we left they were only a couple of thousand shy of the almost 29,000 necessary to set the record.

Tower of some of the 26,000+ pumpkins at the 2006 pumpkin festival

Bostonians and the law: they usually ignore each other.

Stay off the grass: to Bostonians itís just a suggestion


  1. What a great picture of Melita and Sam! That one’s a keeper!

  2. Too, too cute!

  3. My Philadelphian response to that third picture is – “Unless you tell me which is the ‘newly restored turf’ and which is the old stuff, I’m going to assume it’s all old.” I suspect my northern brethren are thinking the same thing. :)

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