Filosofo Comments Preview: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install the Filosofo Comments Preview plugin?

    You must be using WordPress version 2.0 or newer.

    1. Download either the file or the filosofo-comments-preview.tar.gz file here. Extract the files.
    2. Upload the


      file into your plugins folder (in http://www.%your_blog_address%/wp-content/plugins/) and activate it in your control panel.

    3. You can set the preview background color under Options > Comments Preview.
  • How do I customize the markup for a previewed comment in my comments template?

    To customize the preview markup in your comments template (usually

    /wp-content/themes/[your theme]/comments.php

    ), check whether either of the following returns true: comment_is_preview() or apply_filters('comment_is_preview','')

    For example,

    <? if ( apply_filters('comment_is_preview','') ) { echo 'class="previewed-comment"'; } ?>

    would print class="previewed-comment", for easy preview-specific styling.