Filosofo Comments Preview

Comments Preview

What is Filosofo Comments Preview?

Filosofo Comments Preview is a WordPress plugin that lets you preview comments on your blog before you submit them. It should work with just about every WordPress theme right out of the box.

Can I see it in action?

Yes—here. Try previewing and posting a comment on my test page.

Will it work on my blog?

I’ve tested it successfully on WordPress blogs of version 2.0 or newer, including the cutting-edge alpha versions of WordPress.

What are some of its features?

  • Works with WordPress’s threaded comments (as of WordPress version 2.7)
  • Extremely simple to install: just upload and activate.
  • Easy configuration in the administrative control panel.
  • The preview looks as it would look if published, according to your settings (i.e. smileys, profanity edited, etc.)
  • Works with “pop-up” comments.
  • Flexible API allows for easy customization for those so inclined.

Where do I download it?

Filosofo Comments Preview 1.5 | December 10, 2008

See also the source tree at

How do I install it?

You must be using WordPress version 2.0 or newer.

  1. Download either the file or the filosofo-comments-preview.tar.gz file here. Extract the files.
  2. Upload the


    file into your plugins folder (in http://www.%your_blog_address%/wp-content/plugins/) and activate it in your control panel.

  3. You can set the preview background color under Options > Comments Preview, and for advanced settings, see the frequently asked questions page (FAQ).

Internationalization and Localization: Filosofo Comments Preview in Your Language

You can get language localization files in some languages here. If you are fluent in a non-English language, please consider translating the .po file included with the plugin download.

I have suggestions or I need help. What can I do?

Please see the FAQ, leave a comment in my support forum for this plugin, start a ticket at, or send me an email at (located at) gmail (dot) com .

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