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Welcome, Benjamin!

My second son, Benjamin Eliot, was born today at 3:19 CDT, weighing 8lbs. 15oz. and 21 inches long. Like his older sister he was born VBAC, and like his older brother he has a full head of hair.

Welcome, Maggie!

My first daughter, Margaret Evelyn, was born this morning at 9:51 EST, weighing 7 lbs 13 oz, and measuring 20 ½ inches. She’s different from brother Sam in that she is naturally born (VBAC), about a pound lighter, half an inch longer, and most noticeably not screaming constantly. We arrived at the hospital late Saturday […]

Code-name “The Bean”

Here’s the Bean at nine weeks. We didn’t get as clear a picture as we did for brother Sam, but we did see a speedy heartbeat and some wiggling.

Welcome to the World

My son, Samuel Edwin Matzko, was born today at 3:18 EDT by cesarean section. He’s 8 lbs. 12 oz., 20 inches long, and has strong vocal abilities. Mother is doing well, and son is a little bewildered but catching on quickly.

We’re Gonna Have a Boy

Today about 18 weeks into the pregnancy, we had our second ultrasound exam and saw for ourselves that we’re going to have a boy! He was moving around quite a bit, so it was tough to get good pictures, but here they are. The first is looking straight at the head, and the second two […]

il feto del filosofo

Even though my wife’s only eight weeks into the pregnancy and the kid’s just two centimeters long, today we could see fingers, a heartbeat (at 167 beats a minute), and the occasional wiggle.