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How I Rip and Encode MP3s on the Ubuntu Linux Command Line

I like to know how to use the command line for everything I can. Here are the tools and commands I use to make mp3s. First, I rip from the CDROM to a wav file. cdparanoia 1 prokofiev1.wav cdparanoia lets me specify the input device, but I don’t need to, since the default—/dev/cdrom—is what I […]

What Plato Might Have Said But Didn’t

Search Google for “Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws,” and you’ll discover a number of people think Plato said such a thing. However, as Kevin Mungons pointed out, there’s no evidence he did. How do faux quotes like this get started? They seem to come […]

The Fiddleheads Live in Concert

We have several friends who are just about to graduate from Wellesley, and a couple of them play in a student Celtic group called the “Fiddleheads.” I took the video clip below at the Fiddleheads’ Spring Concert on May 13, 2006 at Wellesley. About halfway through they dish out a very creative rhythm technique.

A Truly Hale-bodied Little Piece

Well, maybe that’s just a bad pun. But remember that series of diamond commercials a few years back, which featured people in silhouette wearing diamonds? The accompanying soundtrack was reminiscent of chugga-chugga baroque concertos, and (such as it is) it is probably the greatest claim to fame of composer and jazz musician Karl Jenkins. This […]

Logically, It’s a Drab World

It’s just a little thing, but it surprised me. I’ve been grading logic exercises, and one of the questions posed to the college students is to evaluate the soundness of the following syllogism: Some classical music is enjoyable.Some concertos are not enjoyable. Therefore, some concertos are not classical music. This is an invalid syllogism, so […]

Music Programs

Slashdot reports on a web-based program that uses algorithms to produce music. They describe it as pretty neat as well as being scientifically interesting, and useful. After listening to some compositions and creating a few random ones myself, I must agree that it is. And anyone who has listen [sic] to the radio the last […]