A Plugin for WordPress 2.3: Include Categories in the Tag Cloud

I’m running the cutting-edge development version of the WordPress blogging platform (known as “trunk” to WordPress geeks). So I’m enjoying some of the features that will appear in the next version of WordPress, 2.3, which will probably be released towards the end of the summer.

The biggest new feature for 2.3 so far is built-in tagging. Actually the categories, link categories, and tags are all part of a new “terms” schema. So I’ve converted my tags from Jerome’s tag plugin, and I’m using the new wp_tag_cloud function for my tag cloud.

I like to include my categories in my tag cloud, so I wrote a little plugin to do that, using the trunk terms API. It also takes advantage of WordPress’s object cache to reduce MySQL queries. Enjoy.

Please note: unless you’re running trunk (or it’s months after I’ve written this post, and you’re using WordPress 2.3 or newer), this plugin won’t do anything for you.

Where do I download it?

Include Categories in Tag Heat Map 3.1 | Last Updated November 4, 2009

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  1. Hi. I’m using this plugin on my test install of WP 2.3 beta 3 on localhost – I’m keeping pace with the releases and plan to upload it when it becomes 2.3 stable.

    It is working great. But if there is a category with same name as tag, then in tag cloud, the post count is shown only for tag and not inclusive of category posts.

  2. I am using this plugin – I solved my previous problem by simply not overlapping categories and tags.

    Now however, I am getting a problem in the link generation.

    Please see http://rvbhute.org/tag-cloud/ . I *had* a tag ubuntu. But now I only have a category of that name. However, the link in the tag cloud shows it as http://rvbhute.org/tag/ubuntu/ instead of http://rvbhute.org/category/ubuntu/ .

    I think it is because I previously had a tag of that name. The count is correct, the link is erroneous.

  3. Hello ,
    I am using this plugin on my website. It worked for few mins . I did a few changes to my categories and removed few tags and it stopped working.
    I am using version 2.6.3 of wordpress.
    Could you pls assist me how to make this work.

    I would certainly need this plugin . It is the second thing my site is working on .
    First one is TDO FORMS.
    These two plugins are only used in my site.
    Please sir help me out.

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