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What Motivates Islamic Radicals

A friend and I keep having different permutations of the same conversation, which revolves around this question: what is the essential explanation for Islamic terrorism? My friend’s answer is that it’s primarily religious; in other words, that something intrinsic to Islam spurs on suicide bombers and the like. I disagree for a number of reasons: […]

T Camera Policy: Clicks for Flicks not Chicks

Yesterday when I was riding the T, the driver twice reprimanded someone for taking a photograph on the train. The first time, a woman with a large SLR was getting her friends to lean together for the shot, but he stopped her just in time. In case you are unaware, this is part of the […]

War on Terror Considered

Last week Mark Danner wrote an essay for the New York Times assessing the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the consequent “war on terror.” Although no fan of the way the Administration has handled things, Danner’s sober analysis is not the same ilk as the tripe one hears from the President’s most vocal opponents […]

T is not for Terrorism

If you wait long enough in one of Boston’s T subway stops you’ll hear the following announcement crackling over the loudspeakers, in what may or may not be Governor Mitt Romney’s voice: Now more than ever, it’s important to be alert and report suspicious acts to an MBTA official. . . . We rely on […]

It’s Not as Cool to be a Terrorist Anymore

Could this be a positive side-effect of the July 7 London bombings? The Irish Republican Army announced an end to its armed campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland on Thursday, in a move British leader Tony Blair said could mark the day “politics replaces terror” there. In Hollywood movies where space aliens try to […]