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Scraping the Barrel

With the fur flying over whether Harriet Miers should be appointed to the Supreme Court, it’s easy to miss a related debate: whether good conservatives should even question Bush’s nomination. In the interests of fair and balanced blogging, I now present opposing views, each from prominent conservative bloggers. CON: Hugh Hewitt argues that we should […]

Mediocre Miers

A friend emailed me a copy of David Brooks’ column today, in which he spotlights some of Harriet Miers inane prose (I would read the column myself, but the New York Times won’t let me): Of all the words written about Harriet Miers, none are more disturbing than the ones she wrote herself. In the […]

Miered in Ambivalence

I’ll admit it: shortly after Harriet Miers’ nomination I said that Bush had “sold out” conservatives. And that was before I’d read what Robert Novak and George Will think. But now I’m sure I overreacted. Actually, what’s made me backtrack the most is the over-the-top criticism of Miers. Even the normally level-headed Professor Bainbridge seems […]

John Roberts Interviewed about Bob Jones University

DURBIN: But there was one case, one case in particular that hasn’t been mentioned today that I’d like to ask you about, and that was the case involving Bob Jones University. That was one of the most troubling decisions of the Reagan administration. It was a decision to argue before the Supreme Court that Bob […]

Robert-Jones Commentary Again

As John Roberts’ hearings are about to start, his memo telling Bob Jones, president of Bob Jones University to “go soak his head,” comes up again as an example of Roberts’ impenetrability: There is something for everyone here. It can be read variously as 1) the nominee was happy to work for an administration that […]