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Thanks, But No Thanks

I did my taxes this weekend using an online tax program, but I discovered this set of instructions on page 13 of the Massachusetts income tax return instructions. That’s right. In the state known as “Tax-a-chusetts,” living in the American city with the highest cost of living, I’m being asked if I want to opt […]

Make Thy Neighbor Conform for Diversity’s Sake

Months ago I pointed out the creation of website KnowThyNeighbor.org. KnowThyNeighbor.org’s operators, Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, name those who have signed a petition to bring gay marriage to a vote in Massachusetts, because they think the best way to achieve their stated goal of “promoting dialogue on marriage equality in Massachusetts” is to intimidate […]

Intimidate Thy Neighbor

Some here in Massachusetts are trying to put on a ballot in 2008 a referendum about gay marriage. The idea is that given an option voters might decide against gay marriage. But Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff are doing what they can to make sure voters never have that choice: Now, the question’s supporters must […]

Neighbor Falls from Fourth Floor

Coming home yesterday evening we saw a cluster of worried-looking people across the street from our apartment, and we could hear sirens in the distance. From the Boston Herald: Man hurt in fall from balcony in Brighton By O’Ryan Johnson Sunday, July 31, 2005 – Updated: 12:34 AM EST A 22-year-old Connecticut man visiting friends […]