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Technorati and Newsweek Join Forces

I didn’t learn of this until I happened to post something with just the right tags. Then suddenly I started getting dozens of referrals from MSNBC’s Newsweek section. The online versions of Newsweek and the Washington Post now show related Technorati results in a sidebar. This should help Technorati stand up against the advent of […]

CNN.com Ready for the TV Movie

No doubt about it: the story of the Este family, trapped in their attic while New Orleans flooded, is moving. But something seems slightly inappropriate about how CNN has photoshopped the images of these evacuees into a slick, Reader’s Digest-like promotional banner, while they’re still homeless and their dead grandmother lies unburied.

Yahoo’s Ethical Dilemma

Information Yahoo provided to Chinese authorities led to the essentially political arrest of journalist Shi Tao. Most of us would applaud Yahoo for providing information that led to the arrest of a murderer or a child-molester, in which cases Yahoo would similarly be helping local authorities enforce the law. However, what Yahoo did to Shi […]