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Scraping the Barrel

With the fur flying over whether Harriet Miers should be appointed to the Supreme Court, it’s easy to miss a related debate: whether good conservatives should even question Bush’s nomination. In the interests of fair and balanced blogging, I now present opposing views, each from prominent conservative bloggers. CON: Hugh Hewitt argues that we should […]

Mediocre Miers

A friend emailed me a copy of David Brooks’ column today, in which he spotlights some of Harriet Miers inane prose (I would read the column myself, but the New York Times won’t let me): Of all the words written about Harriet Miers, none are more disturbing than the ones she wrote herself. In the […]

Miered in Ambivalence

I’ll admit it: shortly after Harriet Miers’ nomination I said that Bush had “sold out” conservatives. And that was before I’d read what Robert Novak and George Will think. But now I’m sure I overreacted. Actually, what’s made me backtrack the most is the over-the-top criticism of Miers. Even the normally level-headed Professor Bainbridge seems […]