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Google Thyself

Google recently purchased the house where the company started in a garage just eight years ago Saturday. The story is interesting not for the purchase itself but because of what Google asked of the Associated Press: so many people drive by the Google house that the company requested that reporters not reveal the address, despite […]

Today I Was Part of a “Very Isolated, Very Random” Problem

. . . according to a Comcast spokesperson. Our good buddies at IDG News Service report that the failure of a DNS (domain name system) server at Comcast caused problems for some Web surfers in the northeast section of the U.S. today, making several Web sites, including Google, inaccessible. The server failure caused connectivity problems […]

Google’s Signs of the Times

Google has published just a handful of some of the most popular search terms of 2005. As you can see in the graph, when Google charts the popularity of the search phrase “the force” and the “dark side” over the year, “the force” wins overall. I suppose we can take that as good news. By […]

Use Gmail’s Accounts Feature? Your Private Email is Showing

Gmail’s “Accounts” feature lets you send emails from different addresses. I’ve been using it to send emails from my work email address, and emails sent to my work address forward automatically to my Gmail account. That means I can organize, send, and receive all my emails from one central location, without giving away my private […]

Flash Panned

Today usability guru Jakob Nielsen released his list of the “Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005.” I’m gratified to see that Flash is #3. I view it as a personal failure that Flash collected the bronze medal for annoyance. It’s been three years since I launched a major effort to remedy Flash problems and […]

Web Search Changes Diagnosis

What’s amazing about this story is not that someone learned an important medical fact from a web search–that happens all the time. Rather, it’s that the doctors listened to their patients and were willing to admit they were wrong. How often does that happen? Howard and Melissa of Boca Raton, Florida found out first hand […]