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Today I Was Part of a “Very Isolated, Very Random” Problem

. . . according to a Comcast spokesperson. Our good buddies at IDG News Service report that the failure of a DNS (domain name system) server at Comcast caused problems for some Web surfers in the northeast section of the U.S. today, making several Web sites, including Google, inaccessible. The server failure caused connectivity problems […]

Gmail Hasn’t Fixed the Real Reply Problem

Garett Rogers of ZDNet points out that Gmail now allows you to have replies automatically be from the receiving address, if you have Gmail set up to send from different email accounts. But Gmail hasn’t fixed a much more serious problem, in my opinion, one that I pointed out two months ago: your Gmail account […]

Use Gmail’s Accounts Feature? Your Private Email is Showing

Gmail’s “Accounts” feature lets you send emails from different addresses. I’ve been using it to send emails from my work email address, and emails sent to my work address forward automatically to my Gmail account. That means I can organize, send, and receive all my emails from one central location, without giving away my private […]

How much does Google know?

A Wired article today provides some reasons to be wary of Gmail in particular and search engines in general. Apparently Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves all associate your searches with your cookie information. That’s another reason to use Firefox extensions to keep an eye on your cookies.

Gmail doubles its storage

Since the summer of 2004, the free Gmail‘s been my email service of choice (I use Hotmail for the junk mail). Now Google has announced that it’s doubled the mail storage capacity from 1 gigabyte to 2. Wow. That means at my current usage rate, I’ll run out of memory in 30 years.