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Boston Turkeys

The Boston Globe has noticed the increasing number of turkeys in the Brookline area. As I mentioned a while back, I’ve seen them a number of times in Brighton and in Newton. Surprisingly, the Globe article says that the Brookline police department sometimes gets a dozen complaints about the birds every day. They are an […]

Brookline: “No We’re Not Part of Boston!”

Though surrounded by Boston, the 300-year-old town of Brookline is its own city. At the border of Brookline and Brighton—a neighborhood of Boston—you can see that each town seems not to take account of the other, at least with regard to fire hydrant placement (hydrants usually are more than just ten feet apart). From what […]

Coke Truck Stuck in Bottleneck

What do you do if you’re a semi-trailer driving through the narrow streets of a residential neighborhood, and you can’t make a turn because of an illegally parked car? (The white Cirrus shouldn’t be parked on that side of the sign.) First, you try having the people across the street move their cars. When that […]

Boston: The Real Windy City

Say “Windy City,” and most people think of Chicago, but among the large U.S. cities, Boston has the highest average wind speed. Today’s unseasonably warm weather–in the lower 60s Fahrenheit–brought strong gusts of wind, blowing down this tree less than a block from here. You might be able to see that it took a power […]

Bawdy Boston College Students Bother Brighton

BU’s Daily Free Press reports that people in my neighborhood are tiring of Boston College students’ carousing; they’ve even passed around a petition. I’d have signed it if I’d known about it. Student parties are ruining their quality of life, residents said in a letter to the mayor’s office and Boston College. More people are […]

Neighbor Falls from Fourth Floor

Coming home yesterday evening we saw a cluster of worried-looking people across the street from our apartment, and we could hear sirens in the distance. From the Boston Herald: Man hurt in fall from balcony in Brighton By O’Ryan Johnson Sunday, July 31, 2005 – Updated: 12:34 AM EST A 22-year-old Connecticut man visiting friends […]