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The Great Bridge

We visited New York recently and on the advice of JRC walked the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk. The experience inspired me to pick up David McCullough’s book The Great Bridge. McCullough, who won a Pulitzer for his biography of Truman and whose book about the Adams was a best-seller, knows how to tell a story. […]

Four Years Ago

Like most Americans, the events of that day horrified me and still do. I wish I could adequately express my respect for the men and women who died trying to save others’ lives, whether as first responders in Manhattan or passengers aboard Flight 93. I found these entries from blogs in my feed reader helpful […]

Commuters’ Feathers Ruffled

Ostrich takes hike on bridgeThe 6-foot-tall bird, who apparently didn’t feel like hiding its head in the sand, escaped from the back of a cargo van on the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, stopping evening commute traffic in both directions and sending dozens of tourists racing for their cameras. The ostrich, a female, got loose […]

Aufheben Bridges

Betcha didn’t know that John Roebling, father in the father-son team that designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge, was a student of Hegel’s: (from David McCullough’s The Great Bridge p. 42) In Berlin, [John Roebling] had studied architecture, bridge construction, and hydraulics. He also studied philosophy under Hegel, who, according to one biographical memoir, “avowed […]

Now That’s Commitment

I saw this on the PATH train that runs between New Jersey and Manhattan.