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Northern Forest Canoe Trail

After reading about it in the New York Times, I’d like to try parts of the fairly new Northern Forest Canoe Trail. With rapids rated no higher than Class IV, it should be mostly scenic and leisurely.

Five Years Later

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were horrifying. We should never forget the murdered civilians and sacrificed lives of the police officers, firefighters, Flight 93 passengers, and other brave men and women. And it’s likely we as a nation won’t forget, thanks to the work of the national memory system–Hollywood–in depicting […]

Visit to Maine

Today we took a day trip with my mother to Maine, mainly to see the house of author Sarah Orne Jewett, who was the subject of my mother’s masters thesis. Jewett had an odd fascination with her initials; she would carve them on random items, including the window pane of her room, which you can […]

Those Devilish Details

This past weekend I rented a car for one day from Budget. The advertised daily rate of $35.99 for unlimited mileage seems like a great deal, right? Of course it’s a little different from what you actually pay. First, add on $3.75 for the “customer facility charge,” (“let’s recover our overhead in an additional fee”). […]

Independence Air Folds Wings

Independence Air announced today that it’s going bankrupt. I’ve bought a number of tickets on their comfortable planes, especially when I could fly a thousand miles for $89. According to George Will the airline industry has lost money for the last sixty years. Where have we gone wrong?

Humble Big Apple Pie?

Russell Shorto proposes a novel thesis in today’s New York Times: New York City has been a liberal flagship because it exemplifies Christian humility. The us-them divide that conservative Christians maintain holds that, historically, they have Christian morality on their side while others have only their Enlightenment gods of science and reason. And some of […]