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Myst Makers Move on

I know my wife will be disappointed: the company behind her favorite video game shut its doors yesterday. Ten years ago Myst was revolutionary for its graphics and for its intelligence, but I guess it can’t compete with the blood and sex of today’s console games.

Mars Pic

Check out this image taken from the Spirit Mars Rover. Having landed in January 2004, Spirit’s still trucking along, and it’s just beamed back this picture from atop “Husband Hill.” Both rovers have lasted about 17 months beyond their original mission. And Spirit is in especially fine form, operating at a power level of 950 […]

Katrina Communication Cut-off

A colleague from New Orleans said yesterday that his sister’s cell phone from that area stopped working, even though she’s in New York. But her text-messaging does work, which apparently isn’t uncommon: Cellular phone providers said their service was severely limited, at best, in New Orleans and along the Mississippi coast, and they encouraged people […]