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Cell Tower in Your House

This is what I need: my own “femtocell,” a cellular phone base station that you can put in your home. It connects through your broadband Internet to give your phone a strong signal. I don’t use a landline, and despite being in Boston my connections are sometimes embarrassingly poor, often losing the signal mid-call. So […]

Pay No Attention to the Tag Behind the Cloth

I set off alarms everywhere I go. Or at least when I’m wearing my stylish new pair of $20 jeans from Old Navy.

Western Union Telegrams Come to a Full Stop

Not that I was a big user, but there’s something a little sad about the disappearance of what was revolutionary technology almost 150 years ago.

“New Every Two”: Too Good to be True

When I signed the Verizon Wireless contract two years ago, the salesman told me that in two years I could upgrade my phone. What he failed to mention is that you have to renew your contract for another two years to take advantage of the “upgrade” offer. And “renewing” in my case would mean a […]

Music Programs

Slashdot reports on a web-based program that uses algorithms to produce music. They describe it as pretty neat as well as being scientifically interesting, and useful. After listening to some compositions and creating a few random ones myself, I must agree that it is. And anyone who has listen [sic] to the radio the last […]

Very Cool

Dave Williams has developed a refrigeration system that relies just on compressed air. Williams, 26, knew that forcing compressed air through a hole in the middle of a pipe causes hot and cold air to flow from opposite ends, a phenomenon known as the Ranque-Hilsch vortex-tube effect. No one is quite sure how the separation […]