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Lunar Eclipse

We enjoyed watching the lunar eclipse tonight, apparently the last one for a couple of years.

A Stellar Open-Source Application

Last night my wife and I could see a bright planet shining above the trees, which is unusual for being in Boston. We didn’t know what it was, but I knew how to find out after just having read about Stellarium.

Powers of Ten

This short film is a lot of fun, or at least you might think so if you like space, science, physics, and math, or you’re bit nostalgic about those films they showed you in grade school science class. By the way, I instantly recognized the narrator as former MIT professor Philip Morrison, who hosted a […]

NASA Crew Exploration Vehicle Announced

Cheers to NASA for its plans for the “Crew Exploration Vehicle.” It makes sense to use a design like Apollo’s, instead of something overly complicated like the Shuttle’s. One comment did make me wonder, though: CEV’s computers will be much more powerful than Apollo’s, enabling all four astronauts to descend to the moon’s surface while […]


It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years already. We are farther removed in time from the Challenger explosion than that day was from the moon landing. Yet we’re still flying the same shuttles, which one astronaut recently called a “deathtrap.” Here’s an interesting article on what we’ve learned (or what we think we’ve learned) […]

Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice!

It’s possible that NASA doctors its photos of Mars to better meet the public’s expectations.