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Cooing Booed

A hospital has banned visitors from “cooing” over newborn babies to protect their dignity and parents’ right to confidentiality. People have been told they should resist the temptation to touch or be too familiar with the new arrivals. They are also being warned to respect patient confidentiality by not talking to staff or parents about […]

Law and Revolution

I’ve been reading the Gulag Archipelago on and off for a while. Solzhenitsyn wittily lances the Soviet insanities while recognizing that the problem is not mainly with a particular government but with the human condition. I credited myself with unselfish dedication. But meanwhile I had been thoroughly prepared to be an executioner. And if I […]

Hurricane’s Danger Not What You Might Think

There’s an interesting tidbit buried in this article. Apparently doctors are concerned that they won’t be able to handle the increase of accidental injuries that will occur as people return to New Orleans and try to clean up. Here’s the tidbit: this kind of injury forms a significant part of hurricane casualties. After Hurricane […]

John Roberts Interviewed about Bob Jones University

DURBIN: But there was one case, one case in particular that hasn’t been mentioned today that I’d like to ask you about, and that was the case involving Bob Jones University. That was one of the most troubling decisions of the Reagan administration. It was a decision to argue before the Supreme Court that Bob […]

Intimidate Thy Neighbor

Some here in Massachusetts are trying to put on a ballot in 2008 a referendum about gay marriage. The idea is that given an option voters might decide against gay marriage. But Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff are doing what they can to make sure voters never have that choice: Now, the question’s supporters must […]

Conspiracy Theorists Rejoice!

It’s possible that NASA doctors its photos of Mars to better meet the public’s expectations.