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Putting a Stop to Traffic Signals?

The Telegraph describes how a Dutch town gave up traffic lights. Strangely enough the result was reduced accidents and increased traffic flow. The project is the brainchild of Mr Monderman, and the town has seen some remarkable results. There used to be a road death every three years but there have been none since the […]

Thanks, But No Thanks

I did my taxes this weekend using an online tax program, but I discovered this set of instructions on page 13 of the Massachusetts income tax return instructions. That’s right. In the state known as “Tax-a-chusetts,” living in the American city with the highest cost of living, I’m being asked if I want to opt […]

Another Thing Us Bearded Guys Miss Out On

With the recent advent of the five-bladed “Fusion” razor, the Economist predicts that the fourteen-bladed razor should appear no later than 2100. Their analysis would benefit from that of Dave Barry’s several years ago, which explained the intricacies of the razor industry’s R&D: Mine was a lonely adolescence. The razors of that era had one […]

Ads for Astigmatic Adults

There’s a scene at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey where powerful space aliens place astronaut David Bowman in a zoo designed just for him. They’ve constructed it from his memories, so it looks mostly like an Earth hotel room, but it’s not exactly right. In the book version of the film Bowman looks […]

Make Thy Neighbor Conform for Diversity’s Sake

Months ago I pointed out the creation of website’s operators, Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, name those who have signed a petition to bring gay marriage to a vote in Massachusetts, because they think the best way to achieve their stated goal of “promoting dialogue on marriage equality in Massachusetts” is to intimidate […]

Google’s Signs of the Times

Google has published just a handful of some of the most popular search terms of 2005. As you can see in the graph, when Google charts the popularity of the search phrase “the force” and the “dark side” over the year, “the force” wins overall. I suppose we can take that as good news. By […]