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From Scientific American: Researchers insist they can tell someone’s politlcal affiliation by looking at the condition of their offices and bedrooms. Messy? You’re a lefty. A neatnik? Welcome to the Right. According to a controversial new study, set to be published in The Journal of Political Psychology, the bedrooms and offices of liberals, who are […]

McDonald’s Spaced Out

This is McDonald’s idea of making their Happy Meals educational. (That I took this photograph may also be proof of bad parenting on our part, but let’s overlook that.) I think what they mean is that you can jump six times as high on the Moon. In case you were wondering, that’s because the surface […]

A Stellar Open-Source Application

Last night my wife and I could see a bright planet shining above the trees, which is unusual for being in Boston. We didn’t know what it was, but I knew how to find out after just having read about Stellarium.

Powers of Ten

This short film is a lot of fun, or at least you might think so if you like space, science, physics, and math, or you’re bit nostalgic about those films they showed you in grade school science class. By the way, I instantly recognized the narrator as former MIT professor Philip Morrison, who hosted a […]

Faith in Science

A Toronto Star reporter weighs in on the relative permanence of mathematics and physics. Read his comment, then consider this: which is someone more likely to use today, the Pythagorean Theorem or Heraclitus’s theories of matter? Currently, encryption is based largely on complex numerical codes that even the most sophisticated computers would, theoretically, fail to […]

Stuck in a Rut

Journalists love to get “both sides” of an issue, so nothing could be a better setup for a story on the conflict between creationists and evolutionists than this: two rafts traveling through the Grand Canyon, one led by a creationist, the other by an evolutionist. On the former is a “pastor’s wife from Greensboro, N.C.” […]