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John Roberts Interviewed about Bob Jones University

DURBIN: But there was one case, one case in particular that hasn’t been mentioned today that I’d like to ask you about, and that was the case involving Bob Jones University. That was one of the most troubling decisions of the Reagan administration. It was a decision to argue before the Supreme Court that Bob […]

Robert-Jones Commentary Again

As John Roberts’ hearings are about to start, his memo telling Bob Jones, president of Bob Jones University to “go soak his head,” comes up again as an example of Roberts’ impenetrability: There is something for everyone here. It can be read variously as 1) the nominee was happy to work for an administration that […]

Intimidate Thy Neighbor

Some here in Massachusetts are trying to put on a ballot in 2008 a referendum about gay marriage. The idea is that given an option voters might decide against gay marriage. But Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff are doing what they can to make sure voters never have that choice: Now, the question’s supporters must […]

Yahoo’s Ethical Dilemma

Information Yahoo provided to Chinese authorities led to the essentially political arrest of journalist Shi Tao. Most of us would applaud Yahoo for providing information that led to the arrest of a murderer or a child-molester, in which cases Yahoo would similarly be helping local authorities enforce the law. However, what Yahoo did to Shi […]

Another Excuse to Bash Bob Jones University

The administrators of Bob Jones University were wrong and foolish to officially discourage inter-racial dating, so they’ve brought on their own heads (and the heads of graduates like me) much of the criticism in the press. But as inexcusable as the school’s former policies were, there’s no justification for perpetuating falsehoods about it, especially since […]

Think $3 a Gallon is Bad? Try Europe’s $6

How does Europe deal with enormous gas prices, such as the approximate $6.77 per gallon in Paris? Smaller cars and more public transportation. Of course Americans may not have the same options. European analysts said it was too simplistic to label Americans as addicted to cheap gas and big, lavish cars. In truth, they said, […]