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War on Terror Considered

Last week Mark Danner wrote an essay for the New York Times assessing the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the consequent “war on terror.” Although no fan of the way the Administration has handled things, Danner’s sober analysis is not the same ilk as the tripe one hears from the President’s most vocal opponents […]

Sacrificing their Lives for Islam: Our American Troops

I’m afraid the editors of the New York Times may be right: Americans continue dying in Iraq, but their mission creeps steadily downward. The nonexistent weapons of mass destruction dropped out of the picture long ago. Now the United States seems ready to walk away from its fine words about helping the Iraqis create a […]

Al Qaeda Training Manual

The Department of Justice has translated parts of an Al Qaeda training manual found in Manchester, England. Divided into a series of lessons, the authors use historical anecdotes from numerous cultures to illustrate a variety of ways to wreak havoc. From the opening pages: The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate regimes […]

Steven Vincent and Nascent Iraqi Democracy

Murdered journalist Steven Vincent got to know many Iraqi people first-hand. His freelance articles and blog entries offered reasons both for hope and for concern about democracy in Iraq. According to him, one thing to be concerned about was the misguided multi-cultural relativism displayed by the American and British troops. A blog article describes a […]