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This poem, which appeared in the October 10, 2005 New Yorker, makes me think of Hegel, who’s always going on about absolute being, etc.: Everything Everything— a bumptious, stuck-up word. It should be written in quotes. It pretends to miss nothing, to gather, hold, contain, and have. While all the while it’s just a shred […]

Foucault Flouted

Today Professor R. said that he stopped reading Foucault when he checked Foucault’s copious footnotes and found that Foucault never cited anything beyond page 89. That reminded me of this article in The Onion: “Area Man Well-Versed In First Thirds Of Great Literature.” And Prof. R. had this to say last week: “Habermas is a […]

Music Programs

Slashdot reports on a web-based program that uses algorithms to produce music. They describe it as pretty neat as well as being scientifically interesting, and useful. After listening to some compositions and creating a few random ones myself, I must agree that it is. And anyone who has listen [sic] to the radio the last […]

New Again

I love the first day of school. The air is just a little bit cooler, and all the students are excited about starting the school year–some of them about beginning college for the first time. I’m anticipating the classes I’m taking and the ones I’m teaching; I’m going to learn new things and maybe so […]

Daniel Dennett and the God of the Gaps

In an editorial from Sunday’s New York Times, Daniel Dennett takes aim at “Intelligent Design.” He does make a few cheap shots at the notion, such as this: Since there is no content, there is no “controversy” to teach about in biology class. But here is a good topic for a high school course on […]

Aufheben Bridges

Betcha didn’t know that John Roebling, father in the father-son team that designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge, was a student of Hegel’s: (from David McCullough’s The Great Bridge p. 42) In Berlin, [John Roebling] had studied architecture, bridge construction, and hydraulics. He also studied philosophy under Hegel, who, according to one biographical memoir, “avowed […]