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Here’s the Problem with the Times

In tomorrow’s New York Times, there’s an exposé of sorts of the dangerous high school curricula published by Bob Jones University, my alma mater. The occasion is a lawsuit against the University of California that’s been meandering into the national news over the last few weeks. The plaintiffs accuse the UC admissions officials of discriminating […]

Not Off the Top of Your Head

This week’s U.S. News features a cover story about “America’s Best Leaders.” I don’t particularly care for Oprah Winfrey’s taste in books or new-age psycho-babble, but I thought she had an interesting take on the responsibility that comes with fame. Your voice gives you a unique place–your combination of business leader and entertainer. How does […]

Trend in Reporting on Bob Jones University?

When I saw the description in the first article, I thought it was just an example of a reporter’s not straining himself when doing research. That’s because when reading an MSM article I’m used to seeing “Bob Jones University” followed by “the controversial conservative school that formerly banned interracial dating,” or something to that effect. […]

Logically, It’s a Drab World

It’s just a little thing, but it surprised me. I’ve been grading logic exercises, and one of the questions posed to the college students is to evaluate the soundness of the following syllogism: Some classical music is enjoyable.Some concertos are not enjoyable. Therefore, some concertos are not classical music. This is an invalid syllogism, so […]

In the Red Zone

Steven Vincent authored In the Red Zone almost a year before he was murdered in Basra, Iraq. When I read about his death, I knew I had to read the book. A freelance journalist (actually a former art critic), he wrote articles from Iraq that were published in the National Review and The New York […]

The Ladies Do Protest Too Much, Methinks

The New York Times reports that Karen Hughes, now “under secretary of state for public diplomacy,” recently spoke to a group of Saudi women about her desires for women’s rights in the Arab world. According to the Times, when “Ms. Hughes expressed the hope here that Saudi women would be able to drive and ‘fully […]