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Christine Rosen’s Fundamentalist Education

After hearing an interesting NPR interview with Christine Rosen, author of My Fundamentalist Education: A Memoir of a Divine Girlhood, I thought her book would describe why she left “fundamentalism.” Other books do that: Leaving the Fold is a collection of testimonies of former “fundamentalists” who end up everywhere from milquetoast Christianity to bizarre spiritualistic […]

Google’s Signs of the Times

Google has published just a handful of some of the most popular search terms of 2005. As you can see in the graph, when Google charts the popularity of the search phrase “the force” and the “dark side” over the year, “the force” wins overall. I suppose we can take that as good news. By […]

Inspiration for C.S. Lewis’s Lucy

The Telegraph interviews Jill Freud, who as a young girl was C.S. Lewis’s inspiration for the character Lucy in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. What, I ask, were her first impressions of him? “Oh, I loved him. Loved him, of course I did. I was in the kitchen helping Mrs Moore with the […]

Is the Movie Aslan Christ?

In a December 12 U.S. News sidebar, Jay Tolson comments on the soon-to-be-released movie’s portrayal of Aslan: When approached in 1954 about a possible animated film of The Chronicles of Narnia , C. S. Lewis replied, “I am sure you understand that Aslan is a divine figure, and anything remotely approaching the comic (above all […]

What in the World is Wrong with the Times?

World magazine notices the same New York Times article I pointed out earlier, and Joel Belz also wonders what the author had in mind: The problem is that Mr. Vinciguerra is artfully ambiguous and doesn’t quite come clean with his readers. At first blush, any of three radically different possibilities might be in play: 1. […]

At Apple, Thursday = Tuesday

Ah, Thursday. That means it’s time for the weekly email from Apple: “New Music Tuesday.” As far as I can tell, this has been going on for at least a year. Maybe there’s a great bureaucratic purpose for this. Or maybe it’s just part of that “laid-back” culture we expect from Mac users: “Dude, I’ll […]