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Living by the Sword

It’s easy to consign the horrors of the Roman gladiatorial contests to a benighted culture distant from ours, as though we moderns would be constitutionally incapable of such evils. It’s also easy to write a jeremiad based on selective parallels between ours and ancient cultures.

Did John McCain Speak at Bob Jones University?

Numerous bloggers think he did.

Where Are the Skeptics When You Need Them?

It’s good to know Tom Hanks, star of the new movie The Da Vinci Code, isn’t being pestered by his fellow worshipers:

Inspiration for C.S. Lewis’s Lucy

The Telegraph interviews Jill Freud, who as a young girl was C.S. Lewis’s inspiration for the character Lucy in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. What, I ask, were her first impressions of him? “Oh, I loved him. Loved him, of course I did. I was in the kitchen helping Mrs Moore with the […]

Is the Movie Aslan Christ?

In a December 12 U.S. News sidebar, Jay Tolson comments on the soon-to-be-released movie’s portrayal of Aslan: When approached in 1954 about a possible animated film of The Chronicles of Narnia , C. S. Lewis replied, “I am sure you understand that Aslan is a divine figure, and anything remotely approaching the comic (above all […]

The Rumors of its Death are Greatly Exaggerated

A. O. Scott, the chief New York Times film critic and one of my favorite reviewers, writes that “the myth of a monolithically liberal Hollywood is dead.” His evidence? He believes recent films demonstrate an effort to appeal to conservative and/or religious viewers. But his descriptions of “conservative” film elements prove that a shop-worn journalists’ […]