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Logically, It’s a Drab World

It’s just a little thing, but it surprised me. I’ve been grading logic exercises, and one of the questions posed to the college students is to evaluate the soundness of the following syllogism: Some classical music is enjoyable.Some concertos are not enjoyable. Therefore, some concertos are not classical music. This is an invalid syllogism, so […]

In the Red Zone

Steven Vincent authored In the Red Zone almost a year before he was murdered in Basra, Iraq. When I read about his death, I knew I had to read the book. A freelance journalist (actually a former art critic), he wrote articles from Iraq that were published in the National Review and The New York […]

The Great Bridge

We visited New York recently and on the advice of JRC walked the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk. The experience inspired me to pick up David McCullough’s book The Great Bridge. McCullough, who won a Pulitzer for his biography of Truman and whose book about the Adams was a best-seller, knows how to tell a story. […]

Law and Revolution

I’ve been reading the Gulag Archipelago on and off for a while. Solzhenitsyn wittily lances the Soviet insanities while recognizing that the problem is not mainly with a particular government but with the human condition. I credited myself with unselfish dedication. But meanwhile I had been thoroughly prepared to be an executioner. And if I […]

Ray Bradbury, Couch Potato?

Can it be true? Ray Bradbury watches television all day? Addressing an overflow crowd of more than 600 at the guild-members-only gathering, the 85-year-old author admitted to being a voracious film fan since childhood — so much so that he keeps a TV set in his home tuned in to classic movies all day. This […]