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The Economist on the Alito Hearings

TED KENNEDY is deeply troubled by the ethics of the Supreme Court nominee. Between 2001 and 2006, Samuel Alito, who is currently an appeals court judge, accepted $7,684,423 in “donations” from special interests who perhaps wanted the law tweaked in their favour. That included $28,000 from defence contractors, $42,200 from drug firms and a whopping […]

Alito Hearings and Ted Kennedy

A Supreme Court nomination requires a thorough look at the nominee, so there should be no rush to confirm. Also, there’s been plenty of political posturing on both sides of the aisle. I can’t count the number of times Republican senators have lobbed softball questions at Alito, to the effect of “Isn’t it the case […]

Scraping the Barrel

With the fur flying over whether Harriet Miers should be appointed to the Supreme Court, it’s easy to miss a related debate: whether good conservatives should even question Bush’s nomination. In the interests of fair and balanced blogging, I now present opposing views, each from prominent conservative bloggers. CON: Hugh Hewitt argues that we should […]

Mediocre Miers

A friend emailed me a copy of David Brooks’ column today, in which he spotlights some of Harriet Miers inane prose (I would read the column myself, but the New York Times won’t let me): Of all the words written about Harriet Miers, none are more disturbing than the ones she wrote herself. In the […]

Miered in Ambivalence

I’ll admit it: shortly after Harriet Miers’ nomination I said that Bush had “sold out” conservatives. And that was before I’d read what Robert Novak and George Will think. But now I’m sure I overreacted. Actually, what’s made me backtrack the most is the over-the-top criticism of Miers. Even the normally level-headed Professor Bainbridge seems […]

Law and Revolution

I’ve been reading the Gulag Archipelago on and off for a while. Solzhenitsyn wittily lances the Soviet insanities while recognizing that the problem is not mainly with a particular government but with the human condition. I credited myself with unselfish dedication. But meanwhile I had been thoroughly prepared to be an executioner. And if I […]