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Now That’s Commitment

I saw this on the PATH train that runs between New Jersey and Manhattan.

I Know the Human Being and Fish Can Co-Exist Peacefully

AmbivaBlog has quoted the best line from this parody [edit: find it here] of the “genius” behind President Bush’s speeches: The American people of today’s Americas want a politician who can speak their language and speak it badly.

This Looks Like Fun

. . . although you have to wonder how someone has time to spend 400 hours building Lego battleships. Lego Lovers Unite in Arlington

Everything You Didn’t Want to Know about North Korean Propaganda

“You shameless aggressor, you would be well advised to behave with discretion!” So warns the random insult generator at NK News, a site claiming to have nearly every article published on the KCNA’s website, in English and Spanish, since Dec 2, 1996–over 50 MB of hard-core Stalinist propaganda! And each article written in that unique […]