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Exacerbating the Problem by Reporting IT

digg linked to an article titled “Office blunders caused by computer jargon,” which reports that “more than one in two (54%) office workers under 30 have made a blunder because of confusion over the meaning of IT jargon.” Office administration worker Chloe Oldfield, 27, from Llandudno, admits her grasp of IT is very limited, but […]

Foucault Flouted

Today Professor R. said that he stopped reading Foucault when he checked Foucault’s copious footnotes and found that Foucault never cited anything beyond page 89. That reminded me of this article in The Onion: “Area Man Well-Versed In First Thirds Of Great Literature.” And Prof. R. had this to say last week: “Habermas is a […]

Mocha Polka

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I need something to keep me awake during my three-hour afternoon seminar, a class that meets in a crowded, sunny room with window air conditioners someone invariably turns off to reduce noise. Occasionally I catch myself dreaming about Hegel. Then I quickly try to make eye contact with the […]

Question for Legal Eagles

When did law firms begin hiring Junior Highers for their secretarial pools?

Tangled up in Pest Control

A German woman burnt out her home trying to kill some spiders. I like what the firefighters’ spokesman had to say: The spokesman estimated the total cost of the damage at well over $125,000. No one was hurt. “The family have had to look for somewhere else to stay,” he said. “The spiders are gone […]

Commuters’ Feathers Ruffled

Ostrich takes hike on bridgeThe 6-foot-tall bird, who apparently didn’t feel like hiding its head in the sand, escaped from the back of a cargo van on the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, stopping evening commute traffic in both directions and sending dozens of tourists racing for their cameras. The ostrich, a female, got loose […]