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Pepsi vs. Coke: Who’s the Worst Driver?

It’s happening again this morning, but this time the stuck truck driver can’t blame an illegally parked car, as was the case in January.

Another Thing Us Bearded Guys Miss Out On

With the recent advent of the five-bladed “Fusion” razor, the Economist predicts that the fourteen-bladed razor should appear no later than 2100. Their analysis would benefit from that of Dave Barry’s several years ago, which explained the intricacies of the razor industry’s R&D: Mine was a lonely adolescence. The razors of that era had one […]

Psycho Cat

Today the door jambs in our section of the apartment building were scheduled to be painted, which meant opening all the doors (the paint was wet the last time someone opened our kitchen door exit, apparently, because it came crackling off when we opened it). Gone for the morning, our neighbor locked her cat in […]

Bad Time to Pick a Fight

Two people in Fresno yesterday got into an argument, smashing their cars into each other, right next to a joint police/U.S. attorney’s news conference. You can see the video on’s home page. The U.S. attorney stops mid-sentence as everyone spins to look at the commotion. About five seconds later a half-dozen officers swoop in, […]

Coke Truck Stuck in Bottleneck

What do you do if you’re a semi-trailer driving through the narrow streets of a residential neighborhood, and you can’t make a turn because of an illegally parked car? (The white Cirrus shouldn’t be parked on that side of the sign.) First, you try having the people across the street move their cars. When that […]

Critique of Practical Reason

At great risk of arrest, I took this picture on the subway tonight. But the question is, can it pay the bills?