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Scrumptious Squirrels

Just as I was thinking being a graduate student is pretty tough financially, here’s someone who had it even worse: After Debbie and I married, I was still in college and we were dirt poor. We moved to the edge of a country town. There was an open field across the road and a railroad […]

BU Third-Fittest University

As part of Men’s Fitness’ first annual collegiate survey, the magazine ranked Boston University the third-fittest student body nationwide in their October issue after surveying more than 650 schools. BU came in behind only Brigham Young University, the country’s fittest campus, and the University of California-Santa Barbara, whose state-of-the-art Recreation Center (RecCen) opened in 1995. […]

Birthday Probability

Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost refers to what he calls the “birthday paradox,” which really means that it’s surprisingly likely that two in a group of people will share the same birthday. I once worked with a professor who exploited this for his own amusement and the class’s education. He’d offer to make a […]

New Again

I love the first day of school. The air is just a little bit cooler, and all the students are excited about starting the school year–some of them about beginning college for the first time. I’m anticipating the classes I’m taking and the ones I’m teaching; I’m going to learn new things and maybe so […]

More Teens use the Web, but for What?

According to a recent Pew study, about 90% of those ages 12-17 use the Internet, but only 66% of adults do so. However, one of Jakob Nielsen’s usability studies seems to show that adults make more proficient use of the Internet, in contrast to persistent stereotypes:Many people think teens are technowizards who surf the Web […]