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McDonald’s Spaced Out

This is McDonald’s idea of making their Happy Meals educational. (That I took this photograph may also be proof of bad parenting on our part, but let’s overlook that.) I think what they mean is that you can jump six times as high on the Moon. In case you were wondering, that’s because the surface […]

Honor Among Thieves

I happened to stumble (literally) across a website offering students essays for sale. Having taught at or been a teaching assistant at several universities, I know how seriously they take plagiarism: many schools will expel students caught turning in a paper not their own. That’s why the this particular site, which claims to be among […]

Liberty, Ethology, Pathology?

The New York Times Magazine recently ran an article about Liberty University’s debate team (HT: Dappled Things). It has an impressively large budget of $500,000, and its five full-time judges are aggressive about recruiting and training, making Liberty the highest-ranked school overall in several national debate associations. The article alludes to a difference between Liberty’s […]

Christine Rosen’s Fundamentalist Education

After hearing an interesting NPR interview with Christine Rosen, author of My Fundamentalist Education: A Memoir of a Divine Girlhood, I thought her book would describe why she left “fundamentalism.” Other books do that: Leaving the Fold is a collection of testimonies of former “fundamentalists” who end up everywhere from milquetoast Christianity to bizarre spiritualistic […]

UC, BJU, and the Culture Wars

The Economist situates within the culture wars the pending lawsuit against the University of California, in which the plaintiffs accuse the UC admissions officials of discriminating against Christian high school graduates who took courses taught from textbooks published by Bob Jones University. Welcome to the latest front in America’s culture wars. The Association of Christian […]

I’m Being Retentive About Retention

The spokesman at my alma mater gives a figure that doesn’t match my experience: Pait acknowledges that students sometimes feel as though the school’s policies “cramp their style.” However, the university maintains an extremely strong retention rate; sometimes as high as 95 percent. I think my freshman class had about 1500-2000 members, and I remember […]