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Four Years Ago

Like most Americans, the events of that day horrified me and still do. I wish I could adequately express my respect for the men and women who died trying to save others’ lives, whether as first responders in Manhattan or passengers aboard Flight 93. I found these entries from blogs in my feed reader helpful […]

Galveston Historian on Katrina

History News Network interviewed historian Erik Larson, author of Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History. I think he has some interesting observations that are relevant to understanding Katrina. The Katrina Death Toll Also, Id be cautious about anticipating a huge death toll in New Orleans. I heard a report […]

Google Maps of Katrina Damage

Check this out: go to Google Maps and search for “New Orleans.” Click “Satellite” to see the city before hurricane Katrina, then click “Katrina” to view the flooding. I think the amount of water is amazing.

Prescient National Geographic

In October 2004, the National Geographic Magazine described what would happen were a decent-sized hurricane to strike New Orleans: disaster, not surprisingly. More interesting to me is the National Geographic‘s explanation of why that disaster was becoming increasingly likely: Yet just as the risks of a killer storm are rising, the city’s natural defenses are […]

Think $3 a Gallon is Bad? Try Europe’s $6

How does Europe deal with enormous gas prices, such as the approximate $6.77 per gallon in Paris? Smaller cars and more public transportation. Of course Americans may not have the same options. European analysts said it was too simplistic to label Americans as addicted to cheap gas and big, lavish cars. In truth, they said, […]

Flood Departments?

John Tierney has an interesting analysis of why Americans seem better able to handle fire than floods. In the early days of the Republic cities responded to the danger of fires in a two-fold manner: they started fire departments and their residents bought fire insurance. But urbanites learned to protect themselves through two innovations Benjamin […]