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Code-name “The Bean”

Here’s the Bean at nine weeks. We didn’t get as clear a picture as we did for brother Sam, but we did see a speedy heartbeat and some wiggling.

Five Years Later

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were horrifying. We should never forget the murdered civilians and sacrificed lives of the police officers, firefighters, Flight 93 passengers, and other brave men and women. And it’s likely we as a nation won’t forget, thanks to the work of the national memory system–Hollywood–in depicting […]

Memorial Day Bike Trip

Did John McCain Speak at Bob Jones University?

Numerous bloggers think he did.

Happy Valentine’s Day

To my wonderful wife. I love you!

Sock Monkey

Today we received a surprise present in the mail from my Uncle Jim and Aunt Margaret: this Rockford sock monkey for our upcoming baby boy. Sock monkeys originate in my mother’s hometown of Rockford, Illinois, where one John Nelson invented a sock-knitting machine in the 1880s. The distinctive red heel that makes the monkey’s mouth […]