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Does Internet Shaming of Companies Really Help?

The Washington Post observes the trend of Internet shaming, in which people embarrass companies and individuals online for their bad behavior.

Living by the Sword

It’s easy to consign the horrors of the Roman gladiatorial contests to a benighted culture distant from ours, as though we moderns would be constitutionally incapable of such evils. It’s also easy to write a jeremiad based on selective parallels between ours and ancient cultures.

Where Are the Skeptics When You Need Them?

It’s good to know Tom Hanks, star of the new movie The Da Vinci Code, isn’t being pestered by his fellow worshipers:

Make Thy Neighbor Conform for Diversity’s Sake

Months ago I pointed out the creation of website’s operators, Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, name those who have signed a petition to bring gay marriage to a vote in Massachusetts, because they think the best way to achieve their stated goal of “promoting dialogue on marriage equality in Massachusetts” is to intimidate […]

UC, BJU, and the Culture Wars

The Economist situates within the culture wars the pending lawsuit against the University of California, in which the plaintiffs accuse the UC admissions officials of discriminating against Christian high school graduates who took courses taught from textbooks published by Bob Jones University. Welcome to the latest front in America’s culture wars. The Association of Christian […]

First Thing to be a Non-Blog Blog, Now Blogs, Sort of

I’ve been saying the same thing for a long time, so it’s gratifying to see I’m in good company: First Things’ section “The Public Square” was the first blog, albeit in print. Richard John Neuhaus tries to deny that fact on First Things’ new web-blog (that supposedly also isn’t a blog; whatever it is, it’s […]