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Does Internet Shaming of Companies Really Help?

The Washington Post observes the trend of Internet shaming, in which people embarrass companies and individuals online for their bad behavior.

Hitachi Travelstar Supernovas

Some time this morning my wife’s laptop hard drive bit the dust. It crashed for good with no warning, just making a clicking sound when we powered the computer. I booted into Knoppix, and when it did detect a hard drive at all it said “can’t find superblock.” I even put the drive in the […]

Something Spammy Going On

Normally I get two or three instances of trackback spam per day here. So far just today I’ve gotten about 300. I’m not the only one; chatter on the WordPress support forum and Technorati seems to indicate there’s a huge wave of it across the blogosphere.

Boston LinuxWorld

Today I dropped in on Boston’s LinuxWorld Expo. I was surprised at how few attendees there were; maybe it had to do with today’s being the last day of the conference. Those at the booths seemed a little desperate to get rid of their free t-shirts and pens. I’m probably naïve to think this odd, […]

Flash for 64-bit Fedora Core 4

I complained last week that there’s no Flash for Linux 64-bit. Ziobudda asked why I didn’t just install the 32-bit Firefox. Why not? I couldn’t think of any good reason. So here’s how I did it. First of all, I wanted to use yum so I could avoid all dependency issues (not to mention it […]


I went to register for the LinuxWorld Expo coming to town next month, and I can’t see most of their site. I can’t see it because it’s Flash-based, and there’s no Flash for my computer’s operating system and architecture: Linux 64-bit.