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CSS Naked Day

If you think things look odd here today, it’s because I’ve disabled my blog’s styling for “CSS Naked Day.” The idea is to emphasize that styling on the web–particularly, that done with CSS, or “cascading style sheets”–should be separate from the structure, or markup. In part, one should separate style from content because a number […]

Cell Tower in Your House

This is what I need: my own “femtocell,” a cellular phone base station that you can put in your home. It connects through your broadband Internet to give your phone a strong signal. I don’t use a landline, and despite being in Boston my connections are sometimes embarrassingly poor, often losing the signal mid-call. So […]

Death of WiFi?

An Ericsson executive recently predicted that WiFi’s time has passed: “In Austria, they are saying that mobile broadband will pass fixed broadband this year. It’s already growing faster, and in Sweden, the most popular phone is a USB modem,” said Bergendahl, who was the keynote speaker at the European Computer Audit, Control and Security Conference […]

Internet Explorer 7 Float Bug

Today while developing a WordPress theme for a client, I ran into a vexing Internet Explorer 7 bug. Anyone who’s done any website design is familiar with Internet Explorer 6 (or earlier) wreaking havoc with standards-compliant work that looks good in, say, Firefox. But thankfully IE 7 has for the most part been a big […]

I Ran My Computer’s Keyboard Through the Dishwasher

My main computer’s keyboard is 10 years old. It works fine, so I haven’t had any reason to replace it as I’ve built and re-built my computer. Besides, over the years it’s adjusted itself to me; there’s even an indentation for my thumb worn down on the spacebar. But lately the years of dirt build-up […]

Happy Second Blogiversary to Me!

I’ve been somewhat slack in posting recently, partly because I’ve been incredibly busy, partly because I’ve been spending a lot of time at various doctors’ offices recently (I’ll blog more on that soon, I hope), and partly because of the tacit rule of blogging that the longer between posts the more significant you think your […]