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WordPress Comments Preview Plugin

I complained earlier that I could find no server-side WordPress plugin to preview comments. I wanted something that didn’t depend on JavaScript and actually filtered the comment so that it would look in the preview as it actually would be published. So I decided to write my own. It does require editing a couple of […]

Blogging into Bankruptcy

I think I would like Paul Purdue. As executive of the startup company iFulfill, he decided to blog about family life and his company. But the blog really became popular only when the company started to unravel. At one point a frustrated Purdue asked his marketing consultant, a blogger named B.L. Ochman, president of, […]

Clogged with Blogs

So the BBC reports that a new blog is created every second, and the number of blogs has doubled since March to over 14 million. What’s more interesting to me is what’s not happening. Thirteen percent of all blogs that Technorati tracks are updated weekly or more, said the report, and 55% of all new […]