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My Index is Bigger Than Yours

Apparently Yahoo and Google are having a minor debate about Yahoo’s claim to have indexed about twice as many web pages as Google. But the question about the size of the Web came under intense debate last week after Yahoo announced at an Internet search engine conference in Santa Clara, California, that its search engine […]

Firefox Market Share Slips

Hearing news that Firefox’s market share slipped from 8.71% to 8.07% from June to July while Internet Explorer’s edged up about one percent, a friend emailed me: Apparently Firefox is losing market share. I think it’s just that everyone who wants it has already gotten it. The general public might try it but the minute […]

Internet Explorer 7 Beta Review: Part 1

I’m interested in what features Internet Explorer 7 Beta has to offer, not because I’ll ever use it (Firefox’s extensions make it untouchable) but because the vast majority of computer users will. Those users will be seeing any websites I design, and I want to know how IE7 will make them look. So while IE7 […]

Don’t Ruffle Googlezon’s Feathers

I have a growing unease about Google and privacy, especially since I’m a heavy Gmail user. Not helping is news that Google is snubbing CNET reporters for a year, after CNET published an article raising privacy concerns about Google and other search engines.

Bundled Firefox

Here’s a pleasant thought for web developers: one effect of Mozilla’s recent privatization may be deals with computer-makers to bundle Firefox with their systems. Teney Takahashi, an analyst for the Radicati Group, a technology consulting firm in Palo Alto, agreed that creating a private Mozilla company may help with forging partnerships. Cutting deals with personal-computer […]

WordPress on Previews: No Comments

Why doesn’t WordPress ship with a real comments preview? By “real” I mean doesn’t rely on JavaScript (so that excludes Comment Live Preview, as nice as that is)previews the comments as they will actually look (i.e. with filters applied, etc.) All discussion boards (and other weblog software) include this feature. Why isn’t there at least […]