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Flash for 64-bit Fedora Core 4

I complained last week that there’s no Flash for Linux 64-bit. Ziobudda asked why I didn’t just install the 32-bit Firefox. Why not? I couldn’t think of any good reason. So here’s how I did it. First of all, I wanted to use yum so I could avoid all dependency issues (not to mention it […]

Gmail Hasn’t Fixed the Real Reply Problem

Garett Rogers of ZDNet points out that Gmail now allows you to have replies automatically be from the receiving address, if you have Gmail set up to send from different email accounts. But Gmail hasn’t fixed a much more serious problem, in my opinion, one that I pointed out two months ago: your Gmail account […]

Wikipedia Fares Well Against Britannica

Wikipedia fared better than I thought it would when Nature asked scientists to evaluate articles from both Wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica. (HT: digg) Nature took stories from Wikipedia and Britannica on 42 science-related topics and submitted them to experts for review. The experts were not told which encyclopedia the stories were from. “The exercise […]

Use Gmail’s Accounts Feature? Your Private Email is Showing

Gmail’s “Accounts” feature lets you send emails from different addresses. I’ve been using it to send emails from my work email address, and emails sent to my work address forward automatically to my Gmail account. That means I can organize, send, and receive all my emails from one central location, without giving away my private […]


I don’t necessary start salivating just because someone says “Ajax,” but I’ve installed a handy database tool featured on called TurboDbAdmin. True, it doesn’t have the features of PHPMyAdmin, but for manipulating data, it’s much more convenient.

Flash Panned

Today usability guru Jakob Nielsen released his list of the “Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005.” I’m gratified to see that Flash is #3. I view it as a personal failure that Flash collected the bronze medal for annoyance. It’s been three years since I launched a major effort to remedy Flash problems and […]