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Internet Explorer 7 Float Bug

Today while developing a WordPress theme for a client, I ran into a vexing Internet Explorer 7 bug. Anyone who’s done any website design is familiar with Internet Explorer 6 (or earlier) wreaking havoc with standards-compliant work that looks good in, say, Firefox. But thankfully IE 7 has for the most part been a big […] A Good Example of Bad Web Design

That’s what I saw when I went to pay my bill at, something I’ve done several times before. I do have Flash—it just happens to be Flash 7, the highest version Adobe has yet released for Linux. The problem with making your website depend on proprietary technology, such as a particular version of Flash, […]

Google Thyself

Google recently purchased the house where the company started in a garage just eight years ago Saturday. The story is interesting not for the purchase itself but because of what Google asked of the Associated Press: so many people drive by the Google house that the company requested that reporters not reveal the address, despite […]

Today I Was Part of a “Very Isolated, Very Random” Problem

. . . according to a Comcast spokesperson. Our good buddies at IDG News Service report that the failure of a DNS (domain name system) server at Comcast caused problems for some Web surfers in the northeast section of the U.S. today, making several Web sites, including Google, inaccessible. The server failure caused connectivity problems […]


Yesterday I upgraded my main computer from Kubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) to 6.06 (Dapper). It’s probably one of the most painless upgrades of any that I’ve done: I few lines changed and typed, and apt-get does it all.

Does Internet Shaming of Companies Really Help?

The Washington Post observes the trend of Internet shaming, in which people embarrass companies and individuals online for their bad behavior.